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Marketing & Communications Manager (also Spanish/English Teacher)

MarketingCommunications | Full-time | Shanghai | Posted by:JJIM3N3Z     Nov 12 20:06 share    Tel:     Working City:Xiamen   Hits:
Good day!! My name is Jose, 29 years old from Spain. I plan to relocate myself to China. I am thinking about Xiamen or Shanghai, but I am free to move to another locations. It depends of job offers. I am journalist, speciallize in marketing and business communications. I have improved my academic awards also with a Master Degree in business communication and strategics. I have been working in North/East Europe and I have experience with export/import from Quingdao. I am spanish native speaker, also fluent english, aswell it is my "lingua franca". GER and RUS are also in my list )). I would like to find job at international marketing/communication area. As I said I am able to manage international sales, even I can deal as spanish/english teacher. I will be so glad to read your feedback. Greetings ))
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