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Online ESL teacher are needed in Shanghai

Education/Teaching | Full-time | Shanghai | Posted by:September     Apr 10 11:03      share
Email:sept*********    Tel:1730*********     Working City:Shanghai   Hits:

(Shanghai )One Training Center is looking for Online English Teacher!

Onboard time: ASAP
Location: Wujiao Chang Station - Line 10;
Demand: 1 Foreign Teacher (non-native accepted)

Salary Range: 15-19K, pre-tax, 
Provide work visa if candidate is qualified 
Working schedule: Wed-Sun 12:30 pm - 21:30 pm;
Off days: Mon-Tue, they can adjust into off 1 day in weekend;
Age group: 5-12yrs;

Bachelor degree and above; 
Qualified for applying work visa
Clear background check / The ability to obtain a clear background check;

1. More than 1 year online or offline English teaching experience with kids  aged  5-12;
2. Record video/radio class and story in English as the task required;
3. Deliver the trial class to the students age 5-12;

* If the candidate is really perfect , other longer visa is acceptable 

Please feel free to offer a person for the position,if it is recommended successfully, You will get a certain number of bounty from 2000 to 20000 RMB ! Each of the offering steps has records in your registered email and membership center.

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