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ESL Teaching Job for Training Young Learners' English

Education/Teaching | Full-time | Kunming | Posted by:darragi     Apr 24 09:13 share    Tel:[+86]1769492260     Working City:Kunming   Hits:

I have a passion for learning and teaching English Literature, language and linguistics.I am currently in my last semester of my Bachelor Degree in English (with psychology as my minor)which is due to finish in June 2019.

In addition to my English degree and passion for literature, I love working with children and young adults with disabilities. I have worked as a Learning Support Educator for three years with Children on the autism spectrum (and monitoring/replacing other cases, such as ADHD). I have also worked as TEFL teacher for six years.

My current goal is to gain some work experience teaching abroad before starting a masters in education.

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