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Experienced ESL (non-native) Teacher Ready to Join ASAP

Education/Teaching | Full-time | Guangzhou | Posted by:BISHNU     Apr 24 12:22 share    Tel:+91]9610860138     Working City:Guangzhou   Hits:
My calling & English name is TONY. I’m 50 years old. I’m an experienced ESL teacher with teaching experience more than 23 years at different institutions in different countries including 3 years in Guangzhou China. I possess native like fluency, practical knowledge of phonetics and phonology, No regional but clear, good with Neutral accent.
I’m looking for an ESL teaching position anywhere in China but prefer Guagndong province. I’m graduate in English and post graduate in Educational planning & administration. I can teach Mathematics and science up to middle school and Social
Sciences, and English to any level from kindergarten to university and adults.
I’m hard working, flexible, cooperative, energetic and passionate. I love children and I’m comfortable with any age group of students.
After classes, I can help in other official/administrative work like advertising, giving demo class, meeting parents/ students and counseling them, etc.

I’m able to join in 3 days. I just need your confirmation so that I can join ASAP 

If you have any difficulty for my visa, I’ll process myslef for work visa in China)
Yours sincerely,

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